• Philo Blog: Give up your opinion

    “My diary of Philosophical insight”

    The truth of opinion

    Tuesday. My most dear EUREKA moment just informed about the following:

    “All opinion.. is bullshit and… the real truth is… beyond opinion”

    How? I said. Well, consider this question:. “What is your opinion on the subject”. Choose any subject. Politics, sexual orientation, food.  Free health care? Hmm? What is your opinion on those?

    Then you notice, “Either you have an opinion, or you don’t. “

    Sometimes, when you don’t have an opinion, you hurry to create one in order to join the conversation. You don’t want to feel stupid. Other times, when you do have an opinion, you bring it on. You identify yourself with the opinion, and you protect it. You protect it as you would protect your flesh from a knife. You start arguing, and it hurts. But, sometimes, you have an opinion, and you don’t want to fight for it. That is a good sign. If you do not need to defend your opinion, it means that you are closer to the truth.